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We cannot overemphasize the professionalism and attention to detail that Lisa Russo had shown throughout the application process with our daughter.

As parents going through the college application process for the first time it seemed so overwhelming, but from the first moment we spoke to Lisa she put our minds at ease and made the experience a successful one. From our initial meeting with her, it was like she became a part of our family by always reaching out to our daughter, pushing for excellence, keeping us in the loop, and driving us forward with a results-oriented approach.

I look forward to working with her during my son’s application process this coming year. I know we’ll get the results we set out to achieve thanks to Lisa.

Robert E.
Colts Neck, NJ

We we’re so pleased when we hired Tim Dowd from Inspire Communication to assist our daughter with her college application process. Tim came highly recommended by a multitude of friends and colleagues and was instrumental in helping our daughter construct a wonderful essay, a comprehensive competitive resume and a realistic list of college options. Tim worked directly with our daughter to maintain a consistent schedule to complete tasks in a timely manner, thereby reducing the stress of completing the application process.

Jessica applied to 10 schools, was accepted to 7 and waitlisted at 1. It was a tremendous amount of work for all of us but would have been much more difficult and stressful without Tim’s help.

We are very grateful to Tim for his assistance and would be happy to recommend him to friends and family!

Linda M.
Wall, NJ

We hired Lisa Russo as our both of our sons’ college advisor after receiving an excellent recommendation from a respected family friend. She exceeded our highest expectations. She sensed their social and competitive academic needs and immediately established a relationship with them. Lisa assisted us from the beginning by assessing college choices, meeting all deadlines, editing essays and advising them as to which schools necessitated visits for admission.

We were completely satisfied with her guidance and assistance. We were thrilled when our sons were not only accepted at all the universities they applied to, but also received academic scholarships to the majority of highly rated schools.

Lisa continued to guide them in making commitment decisions to some of the more prestigious business schools in the country. We will hire her to help our daughter!

Natalie S.
Manalapan, NJ

Tim Dowd successfully guided my son through the college application process. He met with us in person to get to know my son and help him target colleges that were a good fit.

We discussed our expectations and Tim laid out a realistic timetable for essay completion. Tim worked in collaboration with my son to craft essays that were written in his own voice and reflected his individual journey and accomplishments.

Tim responded promptly to my questions and was a great sounding board for my concerns. I have already recommended him to a close friend and will continue to sing his praises! I will not have to search far when my youngest daughter is ready for college!

Hayley D.
Marlboro, NJ

We are extremely happy that we used Lisa Russo and Inspire Communication during the college application process for our daughter. We had already gone through the process with Lisa when our two older sons applied to college, but by hiring Lisa we gained her expertise and personal attention to detail.

She guided us while trying to choose the colleges that best suited our daughter’s academic needs and preferences. She helped with the applications and put a lot of time into editing her essays so that they highlighted her strengths.

We were thrilled when was accepted to all of her schools, and she chose Penn State! We highly recommend Lisa and her staff.

Jen G.
Marlboro, NJ


Tim Dowd is a professional, caring, college advisor, who was instrumental in helping our daughter navigate the stressful college application process. He has a very calm, positive demeanor that helped her stay focused and confident as she checked the to-do’s off her list. He truly listened to what makes our daughter unique and special and made sure those personality attributes shined through in her essays.

Tim worked with our daughter to create a college list that had a good balance of safety, reach and target schools. He helped her develop a strong resume that showcased her strengths academically and through her extra-curricular activities.

Our daughter had a very competitive transcript, however her test scores were a little light for some of her reach schools. Tim made sure her applications highlighted her work experience and her numerous leadership and volunteer activities, which we believe made a difference in her acceptance to 10 out of the 11 schools to which she applied. Tim was a wonderful college mentor to our daughter, and we look forward to working with him again when our son goes through this process.

Wendy J.
Brielle, NJ