Inspire Communication Services & Fees

Customized College Application Service

We will guide your student to correctly complete all applications and write top-notch college application essays. First, we will assess the amount of work needed to complete the project and present parents with an estimate for the scope of work by considering the following:

  • Does the student have a rough draft that needs editing?
  • Does the student have a topic but doesn’t know how to focus?
  • Is the student thoroughly baffled when it comes to essay ideas?
  • Are there multiple essays to be written?
  • How many applications need to be completed?

Each situation is unique. We will custom-create a program specifically for your student. This option is billed by the hour with a two-hour minimum of required time for brainstorming and editing (at $120 per hour), and a two-hour minimum of required professional editing through email communication (at $80 per hour). Inspire Communication will evaluate and provide a proposal prior to any work started. 

We will act as a resource to answer questions related to the college selection process for your student and tap into our vast knowledge of schools and their admissions requirements. Verifiable sources and references substantiating statistics and information will be provided. Our team will share their experiences while visiting various colleges and specific anecdotes related to events with the college application process. 

*(As a general guideline, the average custom package totals $500-$600)

This program is designed to be one-on-one, via online virtual meetings (Zoom, Google Hang-out, etc.) or by phone if face-to-face meetings are not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions or concerns.

$80 – $120 per hour